Seeing Who You Really Are - Richard Lister Lang

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This book is a step-by-step guide to the treasure of Who We Really Are, the one Self in all beings. It enables us to see this One. It is a modern Western method that uses practical experiments to test a hypothesis about you - you are not what you look like. From a distance you are a 'something' - at two metres, for example, you are a person. But at zero distance you are No-thing-full-of-Everything, the timeless Aware Space in which all things exist. You are not required to believe this. Through seeing (and the other senses) you test this claim about Who You Really Are. It is this straightforward. You will also be exploring the implications of Seeing Who You Really Are - how it revolutionises your life. This method, though modern and Western, guides us to the truth celebrated by all great mystics, no matter what their religion, or where and when they lived.